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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

I'm Alana, a twenty-something corporate desk jockey by day, aspiring creative by night. Sometimes when I get too bogged down in the details of daily life, this blog helps me escape and explore topics near and dear to my heart.

Sometimes I write about running and fitness, other times I write about traveling and some of the amazing places I've been, and sometimes I reflect on things that happen to me.  When I sat down and tried to define my interests and my goals for this blog, I had a hard time placing myself into one niche.  Am I a lifestyle blogger?  A fitness blogger?  A cooking blogger?  A travel blogger?  There are too many things that I am interested in writing about to narrow myself down to just one.  Through this blog, I am hoping I can take these interests and start to piece together the equal parts into a whole wonderful life.