On the Importance of Adventure

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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Adventure is an incredible thing. It can tear you down, build you up, and teach you things you never thought you'd learn.

I have always loved the idea of adventure. You know, the kind of adventure where you pack your bag with whatever you can and set off without a plan in mind.  With nothing to your name but the money in your pocket and the song in your heart. Alright, I've romanticized the idea a little bit, but you get my point. Setting out into the unknown is an exciting prospect!

A friend I studied abroad with in Rome lives this kind of life. Check out his blog here for more of his jet-setting. His life is full of amazing adventures and even more beautiful photos. Seriously -- follow his Instagram.

I know only too well how bad I would be at this kind of life. I love coming home too much. While I understand this adventuring life isn't for me, I can still get a taste of adventure and the lessons it can teach.

Adventure brings out both the worst and the best in you. Maybe the weather is a little too hot and muggy and you have to get creative about how to beat the heat -- duck into the next cute shop you see or start happy hour early! Maybe the restaurant you wanted to try is overbooked and you can't get a table -- opt for street food! I am a firm believer in the idea that things can always get better with food or a scene change.

Adventure brings you closer to people, especially if you're traveling in a group. Knowing the people that you're traveling with is absolutely key. I am lucky to have an amazing best friend in C who is rarely frustrated by the things that stress me out. His calm, laid-back attitude is always nice to have around in stressful situations.

Adventure makes for great stories. I can't stress this enough. Like the time that C and I found ourselves on a crowded L train, listening to a group of slightly intoxicated guys discuss the merits of Harry Potter. Or the time C and I walked to Brooklyn for brunch, too the subway back to Manhattan, and then spent four hours wandering around Central Park. Or the time I wandered Paris on my own, toured Versailles, and somehow ended up with a free train ride home. Okay, I sort of somehow lucked out of ever getting charged. Any adventure is bound to fill up your trip with tons of memorable moments.

All this adventure talk has me even more excited for my upcoming adventure! Next week I'm taking off to New Orleans for five days with C and two of my favorite other adventuring pals - M and H! We have a little apartment that is in the perfect location for adventure. We are planning on days full of exploring and nights full of dancing. I plan on saying yes to any and all adventures that might come my way. Who knows what memories we'll make! As they say -- laissez les bons temps rouler!!


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1 comment on "On the Importance of Adventure"
  1. Can't wait to hear about Nawlins! We have wanted to go for several years and still haven't made it down...will live vicariously through you :)


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