Friday Five // Week 9

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Friday, July 10, 2015
The weekend could not come soon enough for me this week! Here's five things I've been dying to share with you since about Wednesday.

1 // 12 Ways Your Dog Saves Your Butt From Awkward Social Situations
I am Alana and I am a very awkward person. Like, how long are you supposed to hold eye contact when you're running by someone on the trail? I am also obsessed with my dog and his goofy ridiculous personality. I can't count the number of times he has made me smile in the last hour just by being himself. He is also my partner in crime and savior in many of these same awkward social situations.

2 // How to Keep Watching Women's Soccer Now That the World Cup is Over

Like millions of young girls, I played soccer growing up. Idolizing Mia Hamm and Brandi Chastain, I imagined myself playing on a grander stage. These past few weeks of the FIFA Women's World Cup have reignited the passion I always felt on the soccer field and made me want to keep it going. Now, more than ever, we need to remember the joy we felt at watching our women succeed on the World Cup stage and bring some of that enthusiasm back to the States! I think I need to buy a lot more gear. I'll take a Lloyd jersey, thank you.

3 // Italian Grandmas Try Olive Garden For the First Time

As an honorary Italian and a person who is now forever disappointed in American "Italian" food, I found this hilarious.

4 // The Summer Hair Care Trick To End All Summer Hair Care Problems
Okay, maybe only if you have thin hair that loses all volume in the summer like I do -- but this trick has been my saving grace for the past week. Are you ready for it? Try conditioning before you shampoo. Crazy, right? Revolutionary, right? Okay, and maybe it's not all that revolutionary, but it's definitely worth a try!

5 // You Look Disgusting
This video is incredible. It is dealing with a topic that I've been considering a lot in my daily life - the double-standards of society, especially as they relate to women. We're told to be comfortable in our own skin, but then we are torn down by vicious comments that our bodies/faces/skin/eyes/noses that we once felt comfortable with should be covered up with makeup or clothes. When we try to cover up to feel more comfortable, we're torn apart by claims of "false advertising" and shame.

I admit -- I am guilty of doing the tearing down. I have said some things that I am embarrassed to admit about other women's bodies, both bare and covered in make-up. This is something I am consciously trying to stop, turning my twisted comments into messages of support. I'm changing my inner-monologue from - "That's too much eye makeup" to "You do you, girl. That is a killer cat-eye. Teach me your ways."
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