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Sunday, July 19, 2015
With Comic Con SD come and gone, fandoms from Westeros to Tatooine are at their peak -- scouting for rumors, anticipating new seasons and movies to come, and generally devouring everything related to their nerdy passions. 

While I've never been one to declare my fandom in bold ways like graphic t-shirts or tattoos -- mainly due to the fact that I have several that I am completely devoted to -- I think I have found my new favorite way to announce my love of Harry Potter, Star Wars, and all other f for the world to see.

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My birthday is fast approaching and as an early gift, my mom bought a set of earrings for me that are absolutely perfect. They are all Harry Potter themed, delicate little pieces of magic. From owls, to lightning bolts, to Platform 9 3/4 tokens, these little babies are helping me show my love for the Harry Potter universe without being too obnoxious or over the top. I can even wear them to work and use them to start up a conversation! Sidenote: the glasses were an absolute hit with my team at work. We're all huge HP fans.

My newfound love for nerdy jewelry struck and now I'm scouring Etsy for new jewelry to wear. Here's what I've found so far --





What Etsy treasures will you find?
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