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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

I was once in an interview and as we were wrapping up the interviewer said to me, "Is there anything else you want me to know about you?" I was almost taken aback. Anything else I want you to know? Like what?

After she asked me, I quickly racked my brain for an appropriate answer. Like the fact that I can't resist a good iced coffee? Or that since I was young, I've always been good at remembering actor's names and their general filmography? (Thank you, long car rides and Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon). Or that I've been able to read music since I was around five years old?

While I don't think any of those answers would have been wrong, I think what she meant was, "What is it about you that makes you special that I might not have picked up on in this meeting? What are you good at that makes you unique? What are your hidden talents?"

I'll be honest -- I had a pretty tough time writing this post. I did a lot of brainstorming, mind-mapping, and just general drafting before I came up with my answer. It's not nearly as exciting as a hidden opera singing talent or an Etsy shop full of creative projects.

No, I didn't come up with my 'hidden talent' until I read The B Bar's Word of the Month for July -- leverage. I started to think about the types of skills that I was dependent on in my daily life and which of those skills had always been key in my life. One skill came to mind -- organization.

While it might not be the best superpower or hidden talent, I have always been passionate about keeping things organized. When I was younger, my older brother and I would have to clean our play area. While this was always a chore, I remember really enjoying the way we would set up buckets and baskets in a circle around the room. We would then sort all of our toys into specific buckets -- Legos over here, action figures over there -- until all of the toys were picked up.

A few years later, my organization skills would bloom again as I set up an entire library in my bedroom for my brothers and friends to use, complete with detailed punch-cards and inventory lists.

Obviously my organization skills helped me through high school, then college, then graduate school, and now my full-time job is pretty much dependent on me being able to keep mountains of information and data organized.

While it might not be the sexiest hidden talent in the world, my organizational skills have been keeping me busy since childhood and I wouldn't trade them for the world!

Today's post is part of The B Bar's July Linkup. You can read the original prompt here and keep an eye out for more monthly linkups here. Click around check out some of the other participants and their hidden talents below:

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4 comments on "B Bar Linkup // July"
  1. I love being organized too, so much so that I have anxiety issues when my family members leave their spaces in disarray... I just don't get it. :)

  2. Even though organization is such a common word, I don't think it's common to be skilled in it! Everything I have is an organized mess, haha.

  3. I am passionate about organizing as well; it's awesome that you've always been great at it and can use it for your work


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