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Friday, February 13, 2015

This week seemed to drag on and on. Work has slowed down for the moment and I'm really looking forward to this weekend. Valentine's Day is on Saturday and C and I have plans, as I mentioned earlier, to cook a nice Italian dinner and stay in out of the cold. For this week's Friday Five, I've pulled together five alternative suggestions for spending the holiday.

If you're spending Valentine's with your dog...

This is my first year with two Valentines - C and Z! While I know what I'm getting C for Valentine's Day, having a little fuzzball to celebrate with has presented some challenges. I found this recipe for some dog-friendly cranberry heart treats that I'm considering giving a try. I've also updated my desktop to this new background, available here, to show just how much I love my little fuzzball.

If you'd like a more inventive Valentine's Day...

NPR suggests that putting down your smartphone will help you be more creative. I heard this story on NPR earlier this week and was absolutely intrigued. Lately I've been feeling sort of burnt out on staring at screens for most of the day. I sit for eight hours, focusing incredibly hard on my work computer only to come home and stare at my phone screen. I've felt my creativity slowly drained over the past few months and am wondering if this is the cause - I am simply not bored enough to be creative. I'm considering downloading one of the suggested apps to track my data, but I'm almost afraid to find out how much I actually use my phone.

If you're spending Valentine's Day alone...

Check out these hot dudes reading. Enough said.

If you're heading out on the town...

Check out this Romantic Date-Night Makeup Tutorial from Birchbox. I am all about the makeup tutorials lately. I recently perfected being able to, as I call it, "put my eyeliner on like a grown up". Yes, I've come a long way since simply rimming my eyes with thick black liner. It seems like there's a lot going on in this tutorial, but I love the way her eyeshadow ended up looking.

If you need some last minute dessert ideas...

Try out one of these easy Nutella desserts. I know I am adding some of these to my arsenal for use even after the holiday is over.

Image credits: 1// Image from New Old Stock with graphics added by Equal Parts of a Whole. 2// Image from Pretty Fluffy, designed by Sarah Dickerson. 3// Image from @hotdudesreading on Instagram. 4// Video tutorial from Birchbox Magazine. 5// Image from Buzzfeed by Jenny Chang.
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