Friday Five // Week 6

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Friday, February 06, 2015

This week was a strange one. We had a huge snowstorm on Monday that dropped over a foot of snow on the Metro Detroit area. The snow sort of messed up my entire workweek with some remote work that I hadn't exactly planned on. I did get to spend a little more time with C and spend a little more time cleaning up the house, which was an added bonus. This weekend I'm looking forward to some alone time The Cuckoo's Calling and a big pot of coffee. Here's some things to keep you busy this weekend.

1 // 14 Ways Growing Up With Brothers Makes You a Stronger Woman
This Tuesday marked three years since my older brother passed away. This article could not have come at a better time. Growing up with two brothers definitely gave me a different experience than most. While I might have wished for sisters when I was younger, now I appreciate the many lessons that having brothers taught me.

2 // What Kristen Stewart Taught Me About Internalized Misogyny
I swear, I've been trying to articulate this exact same sentiment for years. What is it that makes girls (obviously myself included) constantly put down other women, celebrities or not? In the past few months I've been trying to make a conscious effort to stop myself before saying something hurtful about another woman. Each time I evaluate what prompted this comment and adjust my perspective from that of competition to simple appreciation. I've found that I am much happier when I celebrate other women instead of tearing them down!

3 // Star Wars Wedding

Now for something a little lighter. I'm not saying that this is exactly what I want my wedding to be like, but I'm also not not saying that this is exactly what I want my wedding to be like. Check out these photos! I love all of the little details that are just tiny hints to the bride's love of Star Wars while still keeping it classy. May the Force be with these two, always!

4 // 5 New Habits That'll Make You Happy 

We're six days into February and I know I'm not alone when I say that I could use a little boost to help me keep some of my resolutions. These easy habits are pretty much in tune with some of my personal goals for 2015, especially setting a bedtime!

5 // 12 Puppies Who Are Just Starting to Figure Out This Whole Paws Thing

No Friday Five is complete without  pictures of adorable puppies! Check out the paws on these little guys!

Image Credits: 3// Video by Jack & Hannah Film & Photography. 4// Image from Refinery 29, designed by Mary Galloway. 5// Image from Barkpost via Indulgy
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