Halfway to 27

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Thursday, January 29, 2015

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Today is my half-birthday.

I have always been keenly aware of when my half-birthday falls during the year. This is because I have a late summer birthday. In elementary school always had to celebrate my 'bring in a birthday treat for the class' day on my half-birthday. Really, this wasn't too traumatic, as my half-birthday falls on the same day as one of my dear friends real birthdays. We joked that we were half-twins for ages.

I am halfway through my twenty-sixth year and, judging by how quickly this year is going, will soon be approaching my twenty-seventh. I have officially passed my older brother in age and am in uncharted territory. Growing up together, especially in our early twenties, Chris and I would talk and talk about how scary being a grown-up sounded. If he were here today, I would ask him all these crazy questions, like, when is too soon to host family Christmas? What's a good credit score? and Should I lease or buy my next car? Sure, he might not have had all the answers for me before, but Chris would worry about things like this with me. I miss my older brother, but will have to continue sorting through these things on my own. Or, rather, through tons of Google searching and discussions with my parents.

Because it's my half-birthday, I can't help but take stock of where I am in my life.

C and I have such a playful and loving relationship, it's sort of ridiculous. Growing from high-school sweethearts to a young puppy-owning couple, we're slowly learning what it's like to be adults. Honestly, I think we're aging pretty well - we eat lots of vegetables now and sometimes watch a documentary or two. That said, I think that no matter what age we are, we'll still be able to make each other laugh at a silly inside joke or smile with the memory of a song we once shared. He really is my best friend, a feeling that I'm sure is not unique to us. I think that's just called plain old love.

Professionally, in the last six months, I made some pretty big changes. I finished up a huge archival processing project ahead of schedule (Go me! Backlogs are for losers!) and started a new full-time project with a group of people that I just can't get enough of. Seriously, they're all amazing and they make my time at work a joy rather than the big ball of stress that it could be.

Personally, I'm pretty happy with where I am. Sure, like the rest of you, I'd like to spend a little less time playing on my phone and a little more time reading, but ultimately, things are really coming together. I started going to the gym again, I'm working on making our apartment into a home, and am slowly but surely making progress as a morning person.

I used to dread growing older, growing one year closer to thirty, but this year is different. This sounds so cheesy, but I have made the decision to dance my way into my late-twenties, making every day special, memorable, and a celebration. So, happy half-birthday to me!

Image from Gratisography with graphics added by Equal Parts of a Whole.
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