If You Want to Write, Write

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Tuesday, December 23, 2014
I recently read an article in my DePauw University Almuni magazine. You have no idea how old typing this sentence makes me feel. Anyway, this article was an amazing tribute to the legend of Andrea Sununu, an English professor at DePauw who is simply incredible. In fact, I think the title of the article was "The Legend of Andrea Sununu." Ask anyone who has taken a class with her, seen her running around campus, or grading papers while she shops for groceries - Sununu is a force of nature.

Though I only took one class with her - a 200-level seminar of British Writers in my very first semester of my freshman year - Sununu completely transformed me as a writer. I can confidently say that had she not sat me down and forced me to read through my papers with her, scribbling notes in the margins all the while, I probably would not have made it out of DePauw with two theses and a deep love for writing. She made me confront my writing head on, something I had never really done in high school. She helped me to fall in love with Keats, figure out the Bronte sisters, and read Austen through a lens I had never really considered. 

Growing up, I always wanted to be a writer. Well, except for that time in kindergarten when I said that I wanted to be a waitress. I have since learned, after serving some time in a greasy spoon diner, that I am a pretty horrible server and should never be allowed to take orders again. When I was younger I used to horde papers, notebooks, stationary, pens, everything. My parents told me that I used to carry around a briefcase full of blank pages, just in case the inspiration struck me. I always had a new pad of paper and loved when my mom would buy me blank journals and notebooks. I got an old typewriter and fancied myself a novelist for a short time. I filled notebooks with quotes, ramblings, sketches, anything that came to mind. Then, it stopped.

I don't know if I lost my imagination, lost my will to write, or just ran out of time, but something changed and writing became more and more difficult. When I discovered the awesomeness of NaNoWriMo, I thought I would be able to find my voice again. Finally, I had an excuse to be recklessly creative for an entire month! Sadly, the past several years, the words have just not come, and though I have participated in NaNoWriMo for five years, I have never even come close to winning.

I was talking to C about my most recent failed attempt at writing a novel, writing something creative, and he said something that really struck me. He asked why I needed an excuse to write, why was I holding up NaNoWriMo as this one chance to be creative when I could be creative year-round. He said, if you want to write, just write. I plan on doing just that, whether through this blog or through the story I've been trying to get out over the past five years. Little by little, I will become a writer again.
1 comment on "If You Want to Write, Write"
  1. Great advice! Goes along with your "DO" resolution too :) (PS. I loved the Sununu article!)


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