Travel Tuesday // Multnomah Falls

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Tuesday, April 22, 2014
When I go on vacation, I tend to do a lot of research about the area I am going to visit. I like to know where the locals eat, how they dress, what are some of the lesser-known must-see spots in the area. Before C and I went to New York City last year, I had entire folders full of notes and potential itineraries prepared for our few short days in the city. I don't go crazy trying to plan every minute of every single day, I just like to be prepared. I like to know what's out there for me to explore and find. And I like to have options for when it rains, or someone gets bored, or I don't want to walk around anymore.

When I found out that C's wonderful family was taking us to Portland, I started a document and filled it with all of the things I thought would be fun to do. I wrote down about eighty restaurants, tons of different bars, museums and gardens that I'd heard about, and so much more. One of the first things I added to the list was a visit to Multnomah Falls.

When we pulled into the parking lot, we were dying for a chance to stretch our legs after about two hours in the car. The waterfall itself is one of the tallest waterfalls I've ever seen. And I like to think of myself as somewhat of a waterfall expert thanks to the many times my father has planned trips and hikes to see waterfalls. This one was tall, around six hundred and twenty feet tall, and it turns over 150 cubic feet of water per second.

C and I snapped this picture at one of the first landings, right before it started to rain pretty hard. Despite the rain, I still wanted to make the trek up to the tiny bridge that goes over the falls. The path was pretty treacherous and snow-covered in some places, which, paired with the rain pouring down, made it quite an adventure.

When C and I made it to the bridge finally, we were greeted with this sight.

Apparently a few months before we arrived, a huge rock had become dislodged and fell into the bridge, causing that huge gaping hole in the structure. My fear of heights was suddenly glad that we were unable to cross that slick snow-covered bridge. Maybe next time C and I go back I'll have enough courage to cross it.

Still, getting to see this waterfall was one of the most memorable parts of the trip out to Portland.
2 comments on "Travel Tuesday // Multnomah Falls"
  1. LOVE that photo of you two! Crazy hike, glad you got up and down safely but sad about the bridge. I forget that the NW gets snow. Love hearing about your trip and love Travel Tuesdays :)


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