The Magic of a Snow Day

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Saturday, February 01, 2014
Yes, it's February first, so don't forget to pay your rent today!  February is a month that reminds me of a lot of things.  Sorority recruitment at my dear Alpha Chi Omega, coming into my own while studying abroad in Rome, spending time with my family, the peak of swim season from my high school swimming days, and more.  A day is coming, though, that I'd rather forget and it's got me feeling a little nostalgic.

I'm sitting here this morning in my kitchen, drinking coffee and watching the snow come down outside.  Isn't it funny how different snow is after Christmas?  I've heard people say that they hate snow after December because there's no magic to it.  I disagree.  I love snow.  And something about snow is always magical.  I know it's a hassle and a dangerous nuisance and having a huge snowstorm usually means I don't get to see C for a few days (he's one of those tough guys who plows away all of the snow), but there's just something about a fresh powder falling gently on the sidewalk that seems rather peaceful.

Snow falling reminds me of snow days spent at my old house out in the country outside a small town in Indiana.  My brothers and I would rejoice once the announcement was made that school was cancelled.  We would lounge around in our pajamas, building forts out of furniture and sheets while watching countless movies - sometimes Disney movies, other times Star Wars.  We were a curious bunch of kids.  After exhausting every fort possibility we would head outside and attempt to build a snowman.  We weren't very good at building snowmen, so we'd end up just building giant snowballs or sledding down the stairs or trying to make our dog pull us on the sled.  Exhausted, we'd come inside, strip off the soggy layers of snow gear, and cozy up to a cup of hot chocolate at the kitchen table.  In those days we'd dip toast into the cups and reflect on our snowball strategies, hoping we could perfect our techniques tomorrow.

I still wake up every morning of the winter and rush to the window to see if any new snow has fallen.  I still love wrapping up in a blanket and drinking my cocoa with toast.  Snow days were magical when I was a kid, and I'm glad that some of that magic stayed with me.
3 comments on "The Magic of a Snow Day"
  1. Snow is still magical after December! Who are these crazy people who think otherwise? Two separate people this week tried to tell me we are supposed to get 30+ inches on Tuesday (spoiler: it's barely even going to get below freezing) and my immediate reaction was cheering and confetti instead of dread (unlike...well...most other "adults" I know). I say hold on to the magic as long as you can :)

    You have inspired me to eat toast with hot chocolate. I have never tried that and it sounds good!

    Also I like the new header! I think you must have done this a little bit ago so forgive me for just now noticing (sometimes I forget to click through feedly and check it all out) :)

    1. Absolutely! There's still some magic in there. However we are currently in the slushy/rain portion of our snow storm and it's not quite as magical.

      Toast with hot chocolate is the bee's knees. Seriously.

      The new header is awesome. Did you notice the Valentine's theme? Keep checking back regularly for new changes!

    2. I did! I wondered if that was what that was for ;)


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