Superbowl Sunday // Manning Edition

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Sunday, February 02, 2014
It's here!  It's finally here!  The day all football fans and non-football fans alike have waited for!  Superbowl Sunday!

Everyone has their own traditions for the Superbowl, just like everyone has their own reasons for watching the game.  Some love the commercials (guilty!), some love the halftime show (how AMAZING was Beyonce last year?!), and others love the game.  This year I'm in it for one man and one man only - Peyton Manning.

I am, and have always been, a Colts fan.  Sure, being from Michigan my family always halfway roots for the Detroit Lions, but growing up in Indiana did a number on my family and somewhere along the way we started rooting for the Indianapolis Colts and their amazing quarterback, Peyton Manning.  When he left Indianapolis, we were very sad but ultimately we understood why he had to go - it was just time.  And we couldn't be more happy with Andrew Luck, especially after the win against Denver and this fiasco in the locker room.

So tonight while we watch Peyton Manning and the Broncos stomp the Seahawks, my family and I will reflect on some of our favorite Manning moments.

Go Broncos!

P.S. To add a little more excitement to your night, check out Venus Trapped in Mars for a fun Superbowl (or Puppy Bowl) drinking game!
1 comment on "Superbowl Sunday // Manning Edition"
  1. Oh Peyton Manning, you know just how to break my heart!


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