I Think I Need a Puppy

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Wednesday, February 05, 2014
Here I am, sitting alone in my freezing cold living room (apparently the heaters in my apartment didn't get the memo that IT'S WINTER), waiting for C to get home from work and attempting to get some homework done.  It's times like this, when I'm alone, that I think having a little scruffy puppy to come home to would be amazing.  Obviously I know there's more to having a dog than just cuddling on the couch, but honestly, that's my favorite part.  I'd love to rescue a cuddly little Pitbull or a scruffy little Terrier.

Growing up, we always had dogs.  When I was little, we had Moe.  Moe was probably the goofiest looking dog in the entire world.  He had the body of a German Shepherd with a sprinkle of Alaskan Malamute, but he had these tiny little Corgi legs.  (Check out some other adorable Corgi mixes.)  He was such a strange dog, but he loved to run and play and quite regularly ran away from our house to chase down whichever car happened to be passing at the time.

Then G got Snickers, the sweetest little chocolate lab you've ever met.  Snickers was so protective of our house and always ready to let us know when someone pulled in the driveway.  Not long after we got Snickers, my dog decided to claim us as his people.  No, really.  One day we went out to a movie while we had a new front door installed and when we came home this adorable little Boxer/Rottweiler puppy was running in and out of the house.  We kept him and I named him Giggles.  (Get it?  Snickers and Giggles?  My family is hilarious.)

Further on down the road, my dad decided to get a hunting dog and we got Tera, full name Amaterasu Jingles, a purebred German Shorthaired Pointer who loves to cuddle.  She also likes to chase birds and go hunting with dad, but her favorite activity is chasing her red ball.  She also likes to take naps while holding on to her red ball.  Hilarious.

Because I've always had a dog around, it seems weird to live on my own and not have one.  Every time I go back home my parents joke about how I need to take Giggles with me...and I would love to!  Unfortunately my apartment right now doesn't allow pets, so for now I'm going to have to be satisfied with the occasional FaceTime with my dogs back home and a ton of those cute puppy Instagram accounts.  Here's some of my favorites!

@rosie_roo_  // @MommasGoneCity // @piratepugjack // @harlowandsage // @doggiedaytrips

4 comments on "I Think I Need a Puppy"
  1. That's a lot of dogs! That's awesome. Both Eric and I grew up with dogs too, and it's definitely weird not having one around, but...soooo many of my friends have gotten dogs in the past year and it's basically like they had a baby: can't go to this thing, have to go let the dog out; have to leave the game at halftime to go let the dog out; can't stay the night because of needing to let the dog out. Also I think it's crazy to have a pet while still in school (SO many people do it though, I don't know how!). Pictures of crazy cute puppies will have to do. WHY why why did you link to the corgi cross breeds. I just want all of them!!!!

    1. Corgi mixes are the best. You're welcome.

  2. Replies
    1. I know! Adopting a puppy is the first thing on my list after C and I move out of our current apartment and I land a "big girl" job.


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