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Friday, February 14, 2014
Okay, so I've never done a link up before, but when I saw this post on a blog I recently started to follow, I knew it was time to dive in and start participating more in the great big blogger community!

Jocelyn, from The Undecided Girl, had this cute idea to use Valentine's Day to show some love to some of your favorite bloggers.  Too often I read an amazing blog post and just move along to the next blog in my feed without even taking the time to leave a comment or email the blogger.  I hope that by sharing some of my favorite bloggers, I can make up for the hundreds of comments that I should have left...and maybe I can expose you to some fabulous new bloggers too!

First up, I have to give a shoutout to some of my dear friends who are pretty much professional bloggers.  Their blogs continue to inspire me to pursue my own individual interests and just generally write about what makes me unique.  I also get a little fan-girlish whenever I read their blogs because I know them in real life.  It's like knowing a celebrity! 

Stacie at Stars for Streetlights is a former running buddy and classmate at DePauw University.  I've always been jealous of her mad photography skills and awesome style.  She's quirky and fun and is probably the most crafty person I know.  Her blog is full of awesome tutorials (DIY Deer Photo Holder, DIY Paper Mache Animal Head, and more!) and tons of ideas about things to do in the NYC area.  She also has probably the greatest job ever, working for BarkBox, a small startup quickly gaining speed, where she get to play with puppies all day.  Obviously she does more than that...but I'm still jealous.  Definitely check out Stacie for some outfit inspiration!  I think I'll rock my fork bracelet tonight.

Maria at Explore This City is another former running buddy and classmate at DePauw University (okay, I have a type).  She is a very passionate blogger and I love to read her posts because you can tell just how excited she is to share her experiences with her readers.  The main focus of her blog is around her many travels.  Seriously, check out this list.  She's been tons of places!  Maria has also started doing product reviews for a lot of subscription services that I really want to try out, like Birchbox and Graze.  Whenever I get that travel itch, I head over to Maria's blog and try to pick out my next destination from her list of adventures.

Next I have some blogs that I follow simply because the photographs these bloggers share are absolutely incredible.  I'll let the photographs speak for themselves.

Carin from Paris in Four Months uses her blog as a platform to share her incredible love for the city of Paris, as well as the many different places her adventures take her.  I would definitely recommend adding this one to your blogroll if you want to be continually convinced that you should pack up and move to Paris.  She's almost got me convinced!

Alice from lingered upon shares incredible photos of whatever moment strikes her.  Many of the images are simple, but moving.  I love to browse through these images and see which ones strike an internal chord.  There's something to the simple artistry of everyday moments.

Then there are some new blogs that I am just now growing to love, like Venus Trapped in Mars (always good for a laugh or a new drinking game!), Two Thirds Hazel (a straight-shooter with a quick wit and a reflective side), and Evann Clingan (a fitness buff and total inspiration).  And obviously The Undecided Girl!

Happy Blogentine's Day!

NOTE: All images were added via URL  from the original blogs.  Images have been linked back to the blog's main page.  Feel free to contact me ( if you would like an image changed, taken down, or a caption added.
3 comments on "BLOGENTINE'S DAY"
  1. OMG you just made my entire day! month! year!

    You are seriously the sweetest ever. Also I go into total fangirl mode when I read your and Stacie's blogs too...because I know you for real!!! Haha! I laughed out loud over "okay, I have a type" hahahaha. It is an awesome type if I do say so myself! Ahh thank you for the shout out and for the links to these other blogs that I need to check out! Happy Blogentine's Day!!


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