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Thursday, January 30, 2014
I keep lists.  A lot of of lists.  Some of these lists are tasks that I need to finish today, some for tomorrow, some for within the next year.  Some of these lists don't have deadlines, they are simply things that I want to cross off once I finally find the time.

Scanning through my to-do list this morning, I spotted a task that is kind of unusual.
Watch Dead Poet's Society.
This movie has always been on my list of movies that I need to see, but I wasn't really motivated to put the work in to find it (Why can't everything be on Netflix!?) until I saw the new Apple commercial and it literally gave me chills.  I heard the audio and went to Google to find out where it was from.

I obviously spent too much time on the IMDB page and am now desperate to watch it.  Other movies that have been hanging around on my to-do list include Moonrise Kingdom, When Harry Met Sally, and the HBO Marilyn Monroe documentary Love, Marilyn.  Some of them I can't believe I haven't seen yet and others I just haven't been in the mood to watch yet.  Once I do finally sit down and watch them, I can finally cross them off my list.

What's on your list that you can cross off today?
1 comment on "Watch Dead Poet's Society"
  1. Watch it! It's good. Does the library have it? (either school library or public library) When Harry Met Sally is also good and a total classic ;)

    My list today: print out my passport renewal application :)


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