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Friday, January 31, 2014
Because I am a graduate student and also because I am a basic human being with an email address - okay, I have three - I am constantly flooded with emails.  I can hardly ever reach the ever-sought-after "Inbox Zero" because sometimes the emails come in as quickly as I can delete them.  Most of these are school related and at least a little bit important, but a lot of the emails I get are random newsletters that I signed up for years ago, or promotions for stores that I wish I could shop at (lookin' at you, J. Crew).  It's not that I want to stop receiving my weekly Goodreads digest of George R.R. Martin's latest blog posts (Gotta find out when he gets that last A Song of Ice and Fire book done!) or the always entertaining Runner's World forum posts (For example, "Is blotting greasy food bad manners?"), it's just that sometimes they take up too much space.  And then they start to multiply.  And then before you know it I've got a number up in the 800's staring at me every time I open up my email.  Which then leads me to stop checking my email and retreat into a dark room to lament about my overgrown inbox.

Here's where I solve all of your problems.

Unroll.me is this amazing little tool that will scan your inbox for any and all subscriptions that you have.  Then you get to go through and decide if you want to "Roll it up," keep it in your inbox, or totally unsubscribe.  Once you've gone through that step, you'll start receiving an email every morning/afternoon/evening (you get to pick when!) that will have all of your subscriptions inside of it.  Think of it! All of those random subscriptions to blogs, clothing stores, job alerts, etc. all wrapped up into one tiny email.  Think of how much time you can save without having to go through and delete each one individually!  It's amazing, and it's totally changing the way my inbox looks.  If you have email problems like I do - who doesn't! - I definitely recommend giving Unroll.me a whirl.

Let me know if you try it out!

2 comments on "Unroll.Me"
  1. Did you have to pay to get it to work? I feel like the last time I tried it, it was like "you can undo these 5 subscriptions and then you have to pay to keep going". Maybe I did the wrong thing??

    1. Oh shoot! I haven't encountered a limit like that yet. According to my stats I've unsubscribed from over 150 unwanted subscriptions.


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