Regarding No. 9: Portland is not Portlandia?

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Monday, January 27, 2014
As you may or may not recall, last year I wrote a list of 101 things I'd like to accomplish before May 25, 2016.  While that date still seems pretty far away, I'm realizing that I haven't yet accomplished as much as I wanted to.  There are tons of things on there that are going to take some work, like paying off my credit card or planning a beach vacation.  One goal I thought was going to take some major work to pull off was Number 9 - Visit the West Coast.

Fortunately, I was completely wrong!  C's mother has graciously offered to take us out west for my Spring Break this year!  We picked out Portland, Oregon for the place we most wanted to visit, partially because it means we get to take a quick trip to Walla Walla, Washington to see where C and his sister M were born.  I'm pretty excited for all things included in this trip - time with C's awesome family, finally making it further west than South Dakota, and just getting out of Michigan for a few days.

Obviously I know very little about Portland that I haven't learned from Portlandia, so I am in desperate need of suggestions of things to do, see, eat, and drink!  Otherwise my itinerary will look like this...

1. A visit to Women and Women First.

2. Play a few rounds of hide and seek in the Portland Public Library.

3. Maybe catch a concert.

4. And then we'll end the day with the Mayor and sing the Portland Anthem.

Please save me from thinking (and a little bit hoping) that Portland is just like Portlandia!  I need activities, bars, restaurants, and food suggestions pronto!

[Note: I, obviously, am aware that Portland is probably nothing like how it is portrayed on the IFC show Portlandia.  I adore the humor in the show and all of the weird quirks they surely exaggerate for the sake of comedy.  That said, I'm excited for my experiences in Portland to prove them wrong!]
4 comments on "Regarding No. 9: Portland is not Portlandia?"
  1. Ahh!! Yay! This was a thought for our spring break too but we just went out to the far west last year so it's on hold (maybe for warmer days) :) Have so much fun and tell us all the stuff you do!

    1. Wow! If you were planning on going to Portland, then there must be tons of stuff to do! Hopefully it won't be too chilly when we're out there (first week of March) and we can do some hiking, or go look at the ocean. I absolutely plan on keeping updated on what we do!

    2. :) So because the universe is crazy, look what JUST popped up in my feedly from another blog:

      I have a friend who lives out there too and I will source him for ideas (which is what I was going to do anyway haha). He and his wife are really into hiking/outdoors stuff. Should I ask him about anything else you're particularly interested in?

    3. The universe is amazing! Great find.

      Outdoorsy stuff is great, but I am concerned about the weather (early March). We are also interested in bars, food, and music...if that helps to narrow stuff down.


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