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Saturday, November 16, 2013
If you're like me then you probably have your laptop sitting on your lap, the tv on, your smartphone nearby, and your tablet charging.  All of this new technology is changing the way that people relax and watch television.  I find myself getting so bored or distracted, even while watching a show that I love, that I end up playing Candy Crush or just surfing through Twitter.

One show that I am completely obsessed with is AMC's The Walking Dead.  As a self-proclaimed scaredy cat, it took me a while to fully commit to this show.  I watched the first two seasons from my desk doing work while C sat on the couch, fully engrossed.  I finally committed to sitting on the couch and watching episodes without a book to distract me during the scary parts during season three and I do not regret it.  It took me so long to understand that the amazing part of this show isn't based on how scary it is - it's based on the stories of these incredible people dealing with situations that hopefully none of us will ever have to.

But even though I love the show, I still sometimes find my attention drifting to other things.  The Walking Dead obviously knows that this is a common problem and is hoping to change it.

Enter The Walking Dead Story Sync.

These geniuses have developed an interactive website that updates throughout the course of the hour-long show with polls, extra scenes, and tons of other content.  My favorite sections are when they give a little profile of a particular weapon.  Usually it's a gun or a knife that a certain character uses, but once they did a profile of a screwdriver that someone used to kill a walker.  Hilarious.

WDSSBowie Knife

The information updates based on a countdown visible at the top of the page.  Also, after every commercial break they send a photo that will help remind you of what just happened in the show.  Sometimes I get distracted during shows and this is a way to keep me centered.

There are also morality matrixes that let you participate actively with the huge viewing audience of the show and make decisions on whether you think a character made a good or a bad decision.  They also offer sneak peeks into the next week's episode and tons of other cool content.

If you're a fan of The Walking Dead or just a fan of new ways to engage viewers, definitely check out what AMC is doing with the Story Sync tomorrow night while you watch the newest episode!
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