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Wednesday, September 25, 2013
If you're part of the modern world I am sure you're well aware of the major mobile software drop that happened on last Wednesday.  Seriously - people were freaking out (see this Buzzfeed article and this Buzzfeed article).  I was only pseudo-freaking out.  I've been waiting for this software update for several months now.  I watched the Keynote speech in June, learned about all the new features, and even considered signing up as a developer just so I could get the Beta version early.  Somehow I was able to take my eyes off the calendar long enough for the days/weeks/months to pass and the release date finally came!  Now that I've been working with iOS 7 for a week or so I want to share some of my favorite features.

1. New font/design concept.  The new font is thin and skinny and oh so pleasing to the eyes.  I'm also totally digging the entirely new design concept - zooming 3D effects, round buttons, and a totally revamped lock screen.  It's so clean and fresh - I could get used to this!

iOS 7 - New Lock Screen

2. Control Center.  The Control Center is totally new and I love it so far.  It holds everything that I wish I had a quick shortcut to access without having to click through a bunch of menus.  Need a flashlight to find my backpack in the morning without waking C up?  Boom, flashlight shortcut.  Need to do a quick calculation?  Boom, calculator shortcut.  Setting your alarm in the morning?  Boom, shortcut to that.  You get the idea, right?  There are also quick toggles for Wi-Fi settings, Airplane mode, and a screen brightness adjuster.  I haven't tried out AirDrop yet, but I'm looking for opportunities to try it!

iOS 7 - Control Center

3. Folders can hold more than 9 apps!  This is something that irritated me to no end before the update.  I like to organize things in logical groups - all games together, all organization/productivity apps together/and so on.  Previously each folder could only hold 9 apps, clearly not enough room for all of my games.  (I have an iPhone game problem.  Some of them I keep for my cousin S and others are for C's nieces and nephews who love to steal my phone and poke around.  Some of them are for me!)  But now, with iOS 7, I'll never have that problem again!

iOS 7 - Game Folder

4. Dynamic wallpapers.  Here I see a lot of room for improvement.  It took me a while to find a photo that was colorful enough that I could still read the text labels, but also that pulled a good color for the background of the folders.  Right now I'm rocking a photo of some fall foliage, but Apple had included a few dynamic wallpapers with the update.  It's just basic floating bubbles for now, but I see so much potential for fun backgrounds with tiny dynamic details.  Let me know if you find any cool ones!

5. Notification Center.  Ever since I got my Google Nexus 7 tablet, I've been obsessed with the Google Now feature.  It brings together all of my appointments, reminders, any football games that I might be invested in, and sometimes even news stories that I might be interested.  I've noticed that the more I use it, the more my tablet knows what I want to see.  While the new Notification Center isn't quite there yet, it does have some features I do enjoy.  I particularly love the humanized summaries of today and tomorrow, where Siri breaks down my appointments for the day, tells me the weather, and even warns me about things that are due tomorrow.  Only issue here is that the information is pulled from the Calendar and Reminder apps, so if you rely on other apps you're out of luck.  I'm slowly in the process of using Reminders more, just so I can use this feature more!  Notifications can also be separated by Missed or All, which is handy to see what you've missed while you've been in class/meetings/commuting/etc.

iOS 7 - Notification Center

While my father will say that his Android phone already has all of these features or some variation of them, I'm still pretty excited about my iPhone.  Waiting another year to upgrade will definitely NOT be a problem with this new update.

What do you like about the new update?  Anything that I missed?
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  1. Can I just say how refreshing it is to read about someone being excited about iOS7? :) It seems like lots of people are so up in arms about the changes...so thank you!! AND the fact that you have a Google tablet as well as an iPhone is kind of awesome (I freaking love Google Now...hopefully your notifications thing gets awesome!). I don't have iOS so I can't really comment on it, but enjoy all your new fun things to play with! Yay!

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