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Wednesday, August 28, 2013
I have always loved lists.  It's the finishing everything on those lists that is sometimes a problem for me.  I was inspired by this post by one of my favorite bloggers, Mackenzie Horan, who wrote a list of 101 things to finish in 1001 days.  I love her idea of holding yourself accountable to a set of goals with a time limit.

The idea of making lifelong goals is daunting (how am I supposed to even know where I'll be in 10 years!), while making monthly or weekly goals can sometimes seem like tedious work.  A bucket list can quickly turn into a wish-list of places to go or outrageous once-in-a-lifetime experiences that can be difficult - not to mention expensive - to complete.  In my mind, choosing 101 specific tasks to complete in 1001 days (right around 2.5 years) is a more focused and achievable approach.

Some of my goals are professional, some are fitness related, and some are just plain indulgent or silly, but that's what the list is meant to be.  My list is a reflection of all of the things that I have been meaning to do/wanting to do/saying I will do and finally I have a reason to do all of them.  There are some things that are going to take a lot of work, some that I'm already preparing for, and some that are going to be kind of a reach!  But that's the whole point of the list, I think - to challenge myself to get these goals done.  I'm reminded of this pin that I found on Pinterest that says "Dreams don't work unless you do."  Well, I plan on working!

Throughout the process I plan on blogging each item after I've crossed it off, so expect plenty of updates.  You'll be able to follow along with my process with my update posts or under the new "101 in 1001" tab in the navigation bar.  Comment below if you've been inspired to write your own list of 101 things to accomplish and I'll follow along with your 1001 day adventure!

So here is my list of things I hope to accomplish 1001 days from now.

[0 complete; 101 to go]
End date: May 25, 2016

1. Use reusable shopping bags when grocery shopping 20 times. [0/20]
2. Walk 10,000 steps every day for a week.
3. Read two books every month. [0/64]
4. Run the Chicago Marathon.
5. Find and purchase the trenchcoat.
6. Drink the suggested amount of water every day for a week.
7. Splurge for a massage.
8. Take C on a weekend getaway to a place neither one of us has been.
9. Visit the West coast.
10. Write and send five handwritten letters. [0/5]
11. Post on blog every day for one week / two weeks / one month.
12. Graduate with GPA above 3.5.
13. Become a morning person.
14. Workout in the morning 3 times in one week.
15. Set a bedtime and stick to it for one week.
16. Watch ten movies from this list - AMC's The Greatest 100 Movies of All Time. [0/10]
17. Eat home cooked meals for one week.
18. Make an address book with info for all friends and family, complete with birthdays.
19. Reach out to one friend every month to catch up. [0/32]
20. Take a spontaneous trip to see a friend.
21. Donate money back to alma mater (DePauw University) towards Winter Term and Study Abroad.
22. Have a job lined up before (or soon after!) graduation.
23. Visit G at college.
24. Do 5 Pinterest projects. [0/5]
25. Actually decorate the apartment (read: get settled and completely "we live here now" unpacked).
26. Send G a college care package.
27. Learn to drive a stick shift.
28. Take a beach vacation (and don't get sunburned!).
29. Hang my diplomas in my own office.
30. Invest in a classic handbag.
31. Pay off credit card.
32. Ride on a motorcycle.
33. Go without screens (phone, laptop, tablet, etc.) for one weekend.
34. Take a fall drive just to look at the leaves.
35. Wear red lipstick.
36. Spend a day with G, doing what he wants, while I foot the bill.
37. Send Mom flowers for no reason at all.
38. Listen to NPR's Morning Edition two days each week. [0/286]
39. Watch one TED talk every month. [0/32]
40. See Les Miserables on Broadway.
41. Go for evening walks with C every night for a week.
42. Complete and (finally!) win NaNoWriMo!
43. Buy and learn how to use Photoshop.
44. Take the train to visit a new place.
45. Build up emergency/savings fund.
46. Take one selfie every week; get comfortable with yourself. [0/143]
47. Go apple picking.
48. See ten movies at a movie theater.
49. Switch to tea for one week (no coffee!).
50. Take a yoga class.
51. Find my signature cocktail.
52. Clean up and back up computer.
53. Organize iTunes.
54. Take C out of the country.
55. Clean out closet - donate things I don't wear and invest in timeless basic items.
56. Start a vegetable garden.
57. Buy Christmas pins for Mom and I.
58. Have a father-daughter date.
59. Do a Turkey Trot.
60. Send birthday cards to friends and family for one year.
61. Watch ten documentaries. [0/10]
62. Develop an organizational system that works and stick with it. (Google Calendar? Wunderlist? Evernote?)
63. Complete a class on Codecademy (Ruby, JavaScript, or Python).
64. Learn more about SEO, social media best practices, digital marketing, etc.
65. Become more involved with Alpha Chi Omega as an alumna.
66. Complete the Runner's World Run Streak.
67. Finish all major school assignments one week in advance.
68. Write a letter to my 30-year-old self to open on my 30th birthday.
69. Order the most expensive thing on the menu.
70. Take C to a Liverpool match.
71. Wear heels on a date night.
72. Learn how to fold fitted sheets. (This is the mark of a true grown-up.)
73. Have a picnic in the park.
74. Design a print and hang it somewhere inspirational.
75. Go to a football game at Soldier Field in the snow.
76. Sign up for Birchbox.
77. Expand record collection.
78. Develop my personal brand.
79. Adopt a dog.
80. Keep Jeff (my new plant!) alive for a year. [Plant was adopted August 2013.]
81. Purchase an item from Kate Spade.
82. See The Importance of Being Earnest on stage again.
83. Make flashy New Year's Eve plans with C complete with glitter, champagne, and a midnight kiss to remember.
84. Purchase personalized stationery.
85. Organize and clean out my boxes at my parent's house.
86. Go to a horse race and wear a big fancy hat.
87. Create a digital portfolio for professional use.
88. See another live production of Rocky Horror Picture Show.
89. Go a month without playing hooky (or skipping any important events just because I don't feel like it).
90. Commission a piece of art from one of my many talented and artistic friends.
91. Find and purchase a fancy (read: not a stopwatch) watch.
92. Complete a course on Coursera.
93. Eat from a food truck.
94. Purchase personalized business cards.
95. Develop a master editorial calendar for my blog.  And stick to it.
96. Visit five museums. [0/5]
97. Do yoga once a week for two months. [0/8]
98. Have one date night every month for six months. [0/6]
99. Be a tourist in the town I live in for one day.
100. Call my Mom every Sunday for six months.
101. Put $5 in savings account for each goal accomplished.
4 comments on "101 in 1001"
  1. I love this!!!! I want to make one now :) Thanks for the idea! Your list is also one of the most creative/interesting ones I've seen!

  2. Great list!!! Inspiring, and some very lovely items on the list...have fun!!! Re: #43 Adobe has a free version of photoshop (CS2...old version but free is nice) online


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