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Tuesday, July 02, 2013
Real talk - I drove roughly 800 miles over the weekend.

It was insane.  But I loved every single minute of it.  Sadly I didn't take nearly enough photos...or really any at all, but the memories that I made are enough to last forever.

If you follow me on Instagram you've probably seen me post photos of my travel routes over the last few weeks.  There was a brief period where I was planning on going to Cedar Point the Friday before this huge driving adventure, but eventually I decided that was probably not the best idea.

A's Travel Route

So the whole point of my little adventure was to go to my little little sis' (crazy sorority connections!) wedding.  This girl is like the sweetest girl in the entire world - beautiful, intelligent, and kind.  There aren't many people with as good of a heart as she has and goodness knows she's put up with enough of my shenanigans to last a lifetime.  So basically there was absolutely no way that I would miss her wedding day.  I planned my weekend with little stops along the way so I could visit with old friends, eat delicious food, and grab a drink or two with some of my favorite people.

Friday, after I got out of work, I headed down to North Manchester (where I grew up!), had dinner with C's sister at a restaurant that I've heard SO many good things about, then ended the evening hanging out with some old friends splitting bottles of wine and fretting over every subject in history.  Saturday morning I slept in (yikes, I was tired!) and began my journey down to the Indiana-Kentucky state line!

First of all - Madison, Indiana is like a treasure town that is tucked away between two hills.  It's seriously incredible.  I could not get over all of the historic houses, antique shops, and cute coffee houses in their downtown area.  Second of all - the wedding was amazing.  Alicia was beautiful, the ceremony was lovely, and I cried like a baby when she walked down the aisle.

After some delicious food and some pretty stellar dancing at the reception, I had a little road trip adventure with my little little little (again, crazy sorority connections!) to Greencastle, Indiana, better known as the home to DePauw.  And here's where I wish I could put in a photo of the new grand entrance because it is absolutely amazing.  They've recently started a bunch of construction projects all over campus - new track, new campus entrance, new pool and fitness center, new turf on the football field, etc.  It makes me wish that I was still in college so I could experience the new vibe, but we can't move time backwards.

After spending literally fifteen minutes at DePauw (and driving by the old sorority house - Alpha, I miss you!) I headed into Indy to stay with an old high school friend before it got too late.  We had a beer, reminisced about high school and friends we might have lost touch with, and eventually crashed after some late night fast food (probably not good for my marathon training, but still delicious!).  Sunday morning I went for a long run with K - an old DPUXC running buddy - and eventually met up with another dear friend for some ice cream before I headed back to South Bend for another week of work.

WHAT a busy weekend.  It was so nice to see all of the wonderful people who I have in my life and to share in Alicia's special day, but I have to be honest and say that I miss C, I miss my apartment, and I miss not feeling tired all the time.  I'm looking forward to a week when I don't have to drive at all and my biggest worry is finishing a few (hundred) pages of reading.

Wait - am I excited for school to start again?!
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  1. Your route shows you driving through Columbus and Bloomington! Next time you do that stop and say hi! That's a LOT of miles but so worth it!


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