Happy Birthday Month to Me!

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Monday, July 01, 2013
Yup - it’s my birthday month and I’m one of those people who count down the days to their birthday for most of the year.  Lately I’ve been holding back my countdown to from the beginning of summer or just the beginning of the month, but when I was younger I would start counting down in March or February...and let me tell you it is a long wait until the end of July!


I’ve always loved my birthday because it is far enough away from Christmas and smack-dab in the middle of summer so there’s (almost) always good weather, time for friends and celebrations, and there’s always something fun to do.  Some memorable birthdays that I’ve had included a move to a new city, lasagna and a pool party, a diagnosis of mononucleosis followed by a very long nap, countless band camp birthdays, a trip to the zoo, a trip to Cedar Point, and a great weekend in Indianapolis with tons of my friends.  This year I’m hoping to make it another memorable birthday - turning 25 is a pretty big deal to me, but I know it’s just a gateway to the greatest year yet.  That being said - I’ve got 28 more days of being 24 and I plan to make the most of them!

Are you as obsessed with your birthday as I am?  What did you/do you think of turning 25?
1 comment on "Happy Birthday Month to Me!"
  1. Quarter century woo!!! I love birthdays :) I kinda freaked out about 25 (I mean...so old! haha) but I am freaking out more about 26 this year. But it's been a pretty good year! Plan something awesome!

    PS I need rec's of things to do in Michigan!!!! I can't wait to see your state!


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