Five Summer Favorites

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Friday, July 19, 2013
It has been a while since I've done a Five Friday Favorites!  Well, it's been a while in general since I've kept up with everything (I'm sorry!  I'm so busy!  All of the driving, keeping up with housework, prepping for classes in the fall, and of course working two jobs has my free time pretty limited!).  So far this summer feels like it has been going on forever - probably because my summer started at the end of April - but I've been making good use of my time.  Today I'm sharing some of my current summer favorites that keep me happy between all of my travel madness and this outrageous heat wave.

Five Summer Favorites

Stracciatella (Strah-chi-a-tell-ah) gelato.  What is summer without ice cream?  Ever since seeing some of the Haagen-Dazs commercials for gelato, I knew I had to have some.  When I was in Rome for the semester I became a gelato aficionado.  There are so many flavors to choose from!  So many combinations to try!  After three months of experimentation, I finally discovered my two favorites - bacio (which is like hazelnut and chocolate deliciousness) and stracciatella (which is just like sweet vanilla with flakes of chocolate).  Needless to say, gelato from a tub isn't quite the same as sharing a cone with your best friend while walking ancient streets, but it'll have to do!

New beauty products like BB Cream and a new nail color.  I don't really wear a ton of makeup except for some signature eyeliner that I've been rocking since probably the seventh grade.  I've been struggling with a good foundation (I've got kind of a ruddy complexion with tons of red undertones...curse you Irish heritage!), especially with the heat of the summer I wanted to find something light with some sun protection.  This CoverGirl BB Cream has been doing the trick!  And as for the nail polish - who doesn't love a fresh new color for the new season?

Good books, like Bossypants, and anything else on my GoodReads.  Since I'm not in classes anymore, I finally have some time to read books that aren't about metadata, archiving standards, or anything else related to my coursework.  I (finally) got my library card to the Ypsilanti District Library and have been slowly crossing books off of my "To Read" list on GoodReads as well as tackling some of the books I've been meaning to read.  Right now I'm reading A Discovery of Witches.  Doing all of this reading (mostly fiction) has made me really want to make more of an effort to keep it up during the school year.  Reading is helping to keep me sane right now, and it's really great to have an activity that doesn't keep me attached to my laptop.

New sandals.  What is summer without a new pair of sandals?!  I love the traditional flip flops, but I've always been a sucker for anything brown with interesting straps.  These are great with blue jeans and a tank top or a sundress and a cute clutch.  The only downside to those cute straps is the risk of a pretty strange looking sunburn, so be careful!

Swedish Fish.  For a good week the only thing I was craving was a giant bag of Swedish Fish.  I would buy the small bags before my long drives to South Bend and seriously jones for some after my runs.  I eventually caved and bought one of those giant one-pound bags.  It lasted me a long time and I realized just how great of a snack they are.  Not too sweet, not too sour, and ultimately not too bad for you.  Proceed with caution, however, but definitely a treat to be enjoyed!

What are you diggin' so far this summer?
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