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Thursday, June 27, 2013
I hope you haven't forgotten in my time away, but I'm still in training for the Chicago Marathon...and to be honest I'm freaking out just a little bit more every day.  I'm starting to analyze situations with the mindset that I'm training for a marathon.  How will losing an hour of sleep affect me?  Am I getting enough miles in?  (No, you lazy girl!  Hit the road!)

I've got all kinds of gadgets, spreadsheets, and websites to help track my training and the slight progress that I'm making.  You can keep track of my training in a variety of ways!  You can check out my DailyMile profile and add me as a friend if you have one too!  You could also watch my RunKeeper profile.  RunKeeper is the app that I use to track my runs every time I get out the door.  I love so much about this app, and after hunting around through several different apps, I finally found one that has everything I'm looking for.

If you've been checking in on my training, you've seen that for a while I've been complaining about my shoes. I was slowly piling up the miles on these old orange Brooks that I bought in 2011 when I thought I would run the Detroit Marathon.  That didn't quite work out and I just kept putting on the miles off and on for over a year.  It got so bad that my feet were falling asleep every time I went over 4 miles.  Any runner out there knows that this is not a good sign and it is time to get new shoes pronto!

Knowing I needed new shoes, I thought I would take the opportunity to test out a more minimalist shoe.  I always had issues with heavy standard trainers.  They always felt heavy on my feet, dragging me down rather than pushing me forward.  I looked around on Runner's World, read a ton of reviews, and finally settled on the Brooks PureConnect2...and a week later I couldn't be happier!

These shoes make me feel so fast!  They feel more like racing shoes than any other trainer I've ever had.  The different colored shoelaces are a wink back to my high school track days when my 4x800 m relay team would all have mismatched shoelaces.  It was good luck or something.  Having the green splash of color on my left foot reminds me to keep moving and pushing that neon towards the finish.  So far so good on the new shoes!  And isn't it incredible how some new shoes can totally re-motivate you and remind you why you started this crazy passion in the first place?

What are you training on these days?  How often do you buy new trainers?
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