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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Notre Dame Stadium

Where were these photos taken?
All of these photos might look familiar if you've been following me on Twitter or Instagram (You should totally follow me!  Just click on the links!) you're probably getting sick of seeing these pictures.  These photos are all taken on Notre Dame's absolutely gorgeous campus on a particularly beautiful day while I was on my walk home.  Yes, I get to walk by all of these on my walk to and from work.  The office I work out of for Fighting Irish Digital Media is right in the Joyce Center which is right across from the football stadium just down the hall from the basketball arena.  The top photo is Notre Dame Stadium where I hope I'll be able to catch a game from the booth this coming season (C really hopes so, too!  He's a huge Notre Dame fan!).  The middle photo is an artsy shot that I took of the iconic Golden Dome on the top of the Main Building, which I've heard is gorgeous inside as well.  And the bottom photo is a place that you might recognize (see here!).  Yup, that's Touchdown Jesus on a much warmer day than the last time I was there.
Main Building (Golden Dome)

Who were you with?
Sadly, or not, these photos were taken while I was by myself.  I won't say it's nice to be away from C because I do miss him terribly when I'm down in South Bend, but it is nice to be doing something so good for my career on my own.
Touchdown Jesus

Why was this moment so important to capture?
These moments were important to capture for purely selfish reasons.  The weather was gorgeous and I wanted to show my family and friends the amazing place that I get to spend the summer.  What I'm doing is some pretty amazing stuff, and I have these photos to remind me of the incredible opportunity that I found in South Bend.
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