Spring Cleaning: T-Shirt Toss

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Monday, April 01, 2013
Spring has (pretty much) sprung in south-east Michigan, though apparently that means that we still see temperatures in the low-30s.  But the birds are chirping, the sun is out, and everyone is pretty much over the whole winter thing.

With spring comes the attitude of new - the leaves will start to grow, flowers will bloom, and we'll start to see fawns frolicking through the country fields.  Or that's what I used to see when I lived out in the country.

Spring coming back around also means that it is time to clean.  I know that my house could use a good deep clean after a long winter of travel, homework, and general neglect.  This weekend C and I had some pretty high hopes to clean our entire house, including cleaning the floors, shuffling through our closets, and unpacking (finally!) from the trip to New York.  Yes, sometimes we can be really messy.  We don't live in squalor or anything, but we aren't always pristine.

One of my major problems is hoarding old clothes, especially t-shirts.  I took it upon myself to go through my hanging clothes and my drawers and tossed everything that didn't fit anymore as well as things that I would probably never wear in the future.  In the past tasks like this would be nearly impossible for me.  I held onto dresses that would never fit me again or t-shirts that were old and frayed and ended up with bags and boxes stuffed with old clothes sitting in my parent's basement.  This time, however, I have a clearer picture of what my future wardrobe needs to include and that does not always include old high school t-shirts or ratty jeans that I wore in college.

That being said - I'm having trouble ridding my closet of a multitude of t-shirts.  These shirts range from soccer shirts, band t-shirts from The Firehouse (a great local music scene in North Manchester, Indiana where I grew up!), quirky sorority t-shirts, etc.  Part of me doesn't want to give them away because I love so many of them and have such fond memories but part of me also doubts that I'll wear more than half of them ever again except as pajamas or workout shirts.  So, I'm on the hunt for creative things to do with old t-shirts.

I've thought of pillowcases, bags, quilts, and whatnot, but haven't found many good tutorials.  So I'm calling on you, sweet readers!  Send me your pins, links, and posts on what I can do with my old t-shirts and I'll feature my favorite DIY in a post later this spring!

What's on your Spring Cleaning list?
7 comments on "Spring Cleaning: T-Shirt Toss"
  1. http://www.starsforstreetlights.com/2012/03/diy-t-shirt-quilt.html ;)

    Quilt! Lasts fo'eva!

  2. Hey Alana! I live in SE Michigan too :)
    I was actually just taking out some old summer camp/club/school t-shirts today and cutting them up to make fabric bows! There are tons of tutorials on blogs and on youtube. I used a glue gun because I can't sew, but you can also use fabric glue or a sewing machine. I'm excited to use the bows to decorate shirts, attach to clips/hair ties, etc.
    Here's a cool idea: http://melissaesplin.com/2010/05/sweetheart-bow-t-shirt-tutorial/
    Good luck!

  3. I knew you'd have a suggestion for me, Stacie! I've got enough t-shirts that I could probably make three quilts!

  4. That is a great idea! Thanks for sharing. I'll definitely consider it. I can't really sew either so it's nice to find some alternatives!
    Aren't you so glad that winter seems to be behind us?!

  5. Bahahaha my first suggestion was to ask Stacie!!! I was going to say quilt too. Or t-shirt art canvases/frames for your favorites. I have this exact same problem. :( I don't want to get rid of anything!

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