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Monday, March 18, 2013
It's that wonderful time of year again when brackets come out and people start to fight dirty ... and jump on bandwagons and root for teams they've never heard of.  That's right, folks - It's March Madness, ya'll!

If you know me at all then you know that I am a huge sports fan.  And while football is my spectator sport of choice, basketball is a close second.  The only reason I don't always watch it is because I get so tense and invested and involved and the game moves so quickly that by the time it's over I'm either completely ecstatic or in tears.  But March Madness is a different story - it's anyone's day.  C is a huge Indiana fan while I'm more of a Michigan State persuasion, so obviously he was excited to have IU get a #1 seed, while I'm still happy with MSU's #3 seed - less pressure and a first match-up against a Valparaiso team that isn't too big of a threat.

Anyway - tonight I'll have to fill out my bracket, which is usually a high-stress task possibly more intellectually exhausting than any exam I've ever taken.  It's so stressful because there's no possible way to tell what is going to happen.  Sometimes people rely on really strange techniques to choose their brackets, like by color, team mascot, or simply picking the favorites.  I'm not sure what my technique will be this year, but I'm pretty positive who I'm picking to win the tournament - MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY.  (Although I'd be happy with any team from the Big Ten ... except Ohio State.)

How do you pick your brackets?  Who is your Cinderella story this year?
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