NYC: Falling into Place

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Tuesday, March 05, 2013
Ugh.  I'm going to start every single post that way just because I am so incredibly exhausted.  I'm fine when I'm up and rushing around / working / walking the avenues, but once I get in my little bunk-bed, I am just whipped.

I we went in to "work" this morning right around the time that every single other New Yorker from the Upper West Side goes down to Midtown.  We were crammed like sardines into the train and I could hardly reach any of the bars to help steady myself from the lurching of the train, but right when I started to despair a lovely older lady extended her arm so that I could hold tight to her.  What a lovely and totally human gesture.  It was a great start to my morning and definitely helped keep me from spilling my latte all over the other commuters.  Work was great - I was working on a different project than yesterday which was nice to keep things from becoming monotonous.  And, if I may say so, my mentor is absolutely incredible.  He shares these awesome stories about Michigan and seeing The Doors in concert and his house in Ypsi.  And he basically kicks me out right at 5 so that I can experience the city and see some of the sights.

So I took full advantage of getting out early and took a stroll down 5th Ave down to Time Square to check out the Harry Potter Exhibition.  It was so  awesome.  I saw costumes and props from the movies including all of the Horcruxes and the Deathly Hallows and so many more things.  I wish I could have taken some pictures, but there was no photography allowed in the exhibit.  I did buy a Ravenclaw magnet and a Chocolate Frog, just because I felt like I needed something to show that I was actually there.  After the Harry Potter Exhibition a group of us went to Junior's for burgers and some dessert.  I had an Egg Cream, since my father made the suggestion to me last week.  It was ... interesting.  I mean, it was really good until I made the mistake of stirring it up.  That was definitely a bad idea.  Then on the bumpy subway ride back to the hostel I started to have a bit of an upset stomach.  Milk and carbonation is not always a good combination with me.  But, I made it back in one piece and am now safe and sound with a very full belly, quite ready for some sleep.

Things are starting to fall into place here.  I know it's only the second day, but I'm starting to find my way around a little easier, walk a little faster, and push through crowds of tourists with more and more irritation.  I'm actually staring to feel a lot like I did when I was in Rome and I would see throngs of tourists blocking the sidewalks and just getting in my way.  Of course this will all fade away once C gets here and I adopt the tourist role for the weekend, but for now I am strictly business!

I've got a big day planned for tomorrow - going out to Astoria for a quick interview, heading  back to Midtown for another day at Paley (though I might grab some lunch and take a stroll through the park on my way there), and maybe a walk down the Fashion side of 5th Ave (since I simply must find Tiffany's).  Then on Thursday C flies into town!  I could not be more excited to show him the big city!

Apologies for the lack of photos on my actual blog, but I promise if you follow my Instagram, you'll see more of the city from my point of view.
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