NYC: ...and we're off!

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Monday, March 04, 2013
First day of school!  First day of school!

Okay, not really school, but today is my first day with the Paley Center for Media!  I couldn't be more excited.  So far, if you've been reading my tweets you know that I had a bit of a rough time last night.  Tons of typical New York things happened.  First of all, I spilled coffee on my new blazer and it was terrible.  I was planning on wearing it today since blazer = confidence.  Oh well.  We pulled into the hostel around 6 last night and I made plans with my friend S from DePauw to meet up at her apartment and have dinner and cocktails.  She gave me some directions, which I double-checked with the concierge.  I double checked my map, charged my phone, and I was off to buy a metrocard and conquer the M96 bus.  I was doing so well - bought my 7-day pass without a hitch - found the M96 bus stop and got on the bus.  Then, I lost any and all confidence that I had.  I couldn't get my pass in the slot the right way, the driver was irritated with me because I was clearly from out of town, and - to make it all worse - I was on the right bus, but going the complete wrong direction!  I quickly hopped off that bus and checked my map again. In my wanderings to backtrack my missteps, I almost got hit by a cab crossing the street.  Finally, I found the right bus stop, got on the correct bus, and easily found S's apartment (which is totally adorable.  You can see some pictures on her blog, Stars for Streetlights!  She's totally crafty and I am always amazed by her weird, fork-bracelet making ways.)

We gabbed for hours, shared stories, made plans to visit some beer gardens in Brooklyn, laughed, and drank Manhattans before I had to catch the crosstown bus back to my hostel, after which I promptly crawled into my top bunk and fell asleep.

I only realize now that I totally should have taken more pictures, but I think I was suffering a little bit of culture shock.  The worst is over, though!  And I'm ready to start this adventure and see what the Paley Center is all about!



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