Five Friday Favorites: Spring Break Relaxation

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Friday, March 01, 2013

First of all, can I just say how friggin' fast February went by?  I can't believe it's already March!  I'm basically done with school in two months...or less than that!  I leave for New York on Sunday, I've got an incredible internship lined up for the summer (more on that later) and training for the marathon is going to kick in pretty soon.  There are some incredible things in store for this year, but I can't believe how quickly it is flying by.

So, yes - I'm going to New York on Sunday and I could not be more excited, obviously.  But, after a long few months of working hard over the semester (or trying to) I found myself kind of wishing that I hadn't chosen to do the Alternative Spring Break program.  I mean, I know it is an amazing opportunity, but part of me wishes I could just stay home, wear sweats, and watch way too many shows on Netflix.  So here are five things I would do if I were able to stay home for Spring Break.

Spring Break Relaxation

  1. Sleep.  I think this is first and foremost the best thing I could do with some extra time - sleep for hours and hours and hours.  I think that my body has been aching for more sleep.  I always stay up too late, doing homework or trying to spend some time with C.  In fact, I've halfway convinced myself that the sore throat I wake up with practically every morning is mono and that I need to stay in bed all day.

  2. Watch too many old reality shows.  Seriously - Netflix is my weakness.  I find myself browsing through and adding hundreds of things to my queue for hours on end but then having trouble committing to exactly what I want to watch.  C and I are slowly making our way back through How I Met Your Mother, but I personally just started re-watching a favorite from my past - The Hills.  Don't judge.

  3. Cleaning.  I might be halfway joking, but I would love some extra time over the break to clean up the apartment.  Sometimes C and I both get so busy that our apartment becomes more like a frat house and less like a cute apartment of my dreams.  Dishes, my closet, my desk - I'd love to deep clean everything over break, but I just won't have the time.

  4. Day trip.  If I had the week off, I might plan a short day trip for C and I.  Maybe we'd drive up to Frankenmuth to visit Bronner's, the largest Christmas store in the world.  Or maybe we'd go to Grand Rapids, have a delicious meal at the BoB and visit my Mom at work.  Either way, I still think that if C and I weren't off to enjoy the big city, we'd enjoy a little outing of some kind.  There's a quote that I love - Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.  And I am quite rich.

  5. Homework.  What list from a graduate student would be complete without homework?  Mountains of homework.  There is always work to be done.  Even while I'm in New York, I'll probably be stressing over the presentation/readings/group projects/internship that I could have stayed home to work on rather than enjoying the moment.

But, instead of all of these things, I'll be jet-setting off to New York to go on what promises to be a grand adventure.  I'll indulge myself in food, friends, and the sights and try not to worry too much about what I could have done at home.

What will you do with your Spring Break?



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