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Friday, February 08, 2013

Coming from the Midwest, I am no stranger to snow days.  Apparently Snow Storm Nemo (Side bar: Since when did we start naming snow storms?  I thought that was just called weather?  Am I alone in thinking this is weird?) did a big number on Michigan and is heading towards the East Coast to spread blankets of snow reaching up to three feet.  Today and this past week I have been feeling terrible - not necessarily sick but mostly lazy, lethargic, and melancholy.  It has been the strangest thing.  But today I've proclaimed a snow day to get some pep back in my step and attempt to be productive.  Here are five ways I'm attempting to do this today!

Five Friday Favorites - 2.8.13

  • Cleaning - C and I have seriously been slacking on our house chores.  I'm planning to spend some time doing dishes, spot cleaning a few messy spots in our bedroom, and finally cleaning off my desk.  A clean space to work equals an incredibly productive A.

  • Homework - Taking a day off of everything else definitely doesn't mean that the homework stops.  I'm going to take this chance to get a bit ahead of my work schedule and catch up on some readings.

  • Evernote - I've always used Evernote, but I'm starting to fully commit to it.  I want to organize my notes into special folders and start developing a tagging system and whatnot.  This is where my pseudo-OCD tendencies and my work as an archivist meet.  I highly suggest checking out Evernote to anyone looking for a nice note taking software that goes on multiple platforms (PC, Mac, web, and mobile!  Access to notes anywhere!).  And there's a sharing function and tons of other add-ons, like Skitch, Hello!, and Food!  Maybe Evernote warrants a post to itself?

  • Movies - C and I have been planning on watching this movie for ages.  The Five Year Engagement takes place in Ann Arbor and is supposed to be incredibly funny.  I love Jason Segal and anything Emily Blunt does is magic.  But with all of our things going on (school, work, doing the dishes, etc.) C and I just haven't found the time.  But no longer!  The Five Year Engagement is on HBOGo and C and I have a date planned with jambalaya and fancy hot chocolate.

  • Planning NYC Trip - My motivation for doing any work now is so that I can spend a little more time perfecting the itinerary of C and I's jaunt through the Big Apple!  I'll definitely post a more detailed plan once I get everything plotted out, but right now we're definitely planning on doing some touristy things like the Central Park Zoo, Empire State Building, and the Statue of Liberty, as well as some things suggested by my father, like riding the wooden escalators at Macy's and checking out the Charging Bull.  I'd love any other quirky (and frugal!) NYC suggestions!

How do you like to spend your snow days?



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