Five Friday Favorites: Closet Must-Haves

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Friday, February 15, 2013
Current Closet Must-Haves

While, I admit, I have never been a truly trendy individual, I feel that I have developed (possibly? maybe?) a small sense of style. Especially after diving deep into NYFW coverage by a few of my favorite bloggers, I've come away totally lusting after more than a few items to stick in my closet. Sure this is partly motivated by my desire to not seem like a Midwestern hick while I'm in NYC, but mostly it's motivated by the fact that I am now a pseudo-professional 24 year-old who needs to not shop exclusively at American Eagle and Forever 21. I'm evolving, however I happen to be evolving well ahead of my wallet. Kate Spade, you'll have to wait. JCrew, you're almost within reach and reserved for very special occasions. For now it seems like Target, Old Navy, and the Gap for me. But for now, here are five things I'm totally lusting after.

  • Bold blazer. I love this trend, even though I fear it's on the outbound track. I love the idea of a bold colored blazer topping off an outfit with a professional, yet spunky punch of color.

  • Luscious lip. I've always been afraid of lipstick and I'm not sure why. Maybe it all goes back to the unknown beauty magazine I read when I was 14 that said I had to pick one: lips or eyes. I picked eyes that day and I haven't changed my mind yet. Sure, I've got pretty sweet eyes, but I get so jealous of girls that can rock a risky red lip. Something about red lipstick just oozes confidence and power and I want to be a part of that. I might need help choosing the perfect shade to downplay my ruddy warm undertones, but I'm on a mission to find the perfect shade for me.

  • Trusty timepiece. You all know I've had my eye on this watch since Christmas. It's on sale now and I'm seriously considering snatching it up. I love the huge initial and I need a watch that isn't my Polar running watch to wear in public. Tick, tock, A!

  • Classic trench. C always knows that once spring rolls around, I'll start pining for a classic trench coat. For some reason each season I talk myself out of buying one, but I love the look of a classic trench. Probably because of the classic scene in Breakfast at Tiffany' the rain...and George Peppard is confessing his love for me.

  • Comfy flats. Much to my mother's chagrin, I have always loved ballet flats. Yes, I know they don't provide any support. Yes, I often wear flats when it is below freezing. I just love the look, love the comfort, but hate that I can only afford cheap flats that will only last a few months. I've heard such wonderful things about the flats from JCrew and think that maybe it's time I save up and buy some good quality flats that will last for more than one season.

What are you lusting after for the coming spring?


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