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Tuesday, January 15, 2013
It's time for the first true Travel Tuesday!  This week works out perfectly because exactly three years ago today I was leaving from the Chicago airport to go on the adventure of a lifetime.  I had the amazing opportunity to study abroad for the spring semester of my junior year at DePauw.  When I first started thinking about studying abroad I thought I wanted to go to Paris.  I had spent years learning French and had always dreamed of visiting Paris, but my heart wasn't fully in it.  I recalled my travels to Italy with my mother and the Manchester College A Capella Choir and couldn't get one city out of my head - Rome.

Rome is an incredible place with so much history.  Rome is dirty and grimy, but beautiful and raw.  I knew I wanted to walk the streets and see ancient Roman ruins next to a Bernini fountain.  I wanted to tour the Vatican and then walk down Via del Corso and dream about shopping at Prada and Gucci.  I wanted to eat delicious pasta and sip red wine along the Tiber.

And amazingly enough - I got to do all of those things.  I have so many stories from my travels abroad and my exploration of Rome, so I've chosen a few photos from my first day in Rome.  My study abroad program organized a walking tour of the area around our school, which is just around the corner of Piazza Navona, and I snapped all of these pictures as I was jet-lagged and stumbling about trying to make friends while containing my excitement to finally be in Rome.


This is the square that my school was in.  If you were to walk just between the building on the left and the building under construction you would find, near the end of the street, a huge green door.  That door was possibly my favorite part about my school.


I was pretty blessed to go to school less than 500 feet from this fountain.  Piazza Navona is just gorgeous.  I can'twait to go back with C someday soon!


Ah, the Pantheon.  Luckily I snapped this picture when I did because the very next week a restoration project began and the facade was covered in scaffolding for the rest of the time I was in Rome!  Hanging out in the piazza in front of the Pantheon was one of my favorite things.  I would buy a calzone and a can of soda, wander down to the piazza, and sit and watch the tourists scramble about.  I, of course, didn't consider myself to be a tourist.  I lived in Rome, for heavens sake!


Two of my favorite things in the world -the Arch of Constantine and Il Colosseo.  Even after spending six months walking by the Colosseum, I don't think I ever got tired of seeing it.  It's so massive and beautiful and mysterious that I don't think I'll ever quite figure it out.

You'll definitely hear more about Rome in the weeks to come.  And I'll perfect the Travel Tuesday process more.
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