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Wednesday, January 16, 2013
I'm officially one week into classes now and while each class so far has been kind of boring and generic, I had one experience that I really enjoyed.

For one of the courses required for my degree, we have a discussion section of around 20 students where we will discuss the readings and get a little more in-depth than the 120+ person lecture.  Our student instructor opened up the class with the usual introduction, overview of the syllabus, and other general announcements.  Then began the exercise that I usually fear the most - the student introductions.  You know it - it's that time of the class when every single person has to speak up in the class and say their name and a plethora of other information about themselves.

We were tasked with sharing our name, where we are from, what we did before coming to UofM, what we want to be when we grow up, and what skills we wanted to develop further.

I was in the middle of the room so either way I had to wait as my turn slowly approached.

I usually hate this sort of thing.

I always hate this sort of thing.

As my turn approached I could feel the usual symptoms - sweaty palms, dry mouth, and a voice screaming inside my head that I was going to mess up and say something foolish.  But then something happened - as I started to think about my answers, my attitude totally changed.

I was excited to share my dreams of becoming a digital asset manager for a professional sports team and how I happened upon this career from the unlikely start of an art history major at a small liberal arts college.  I thought to myself, my story is unique and should be shared.  It was no different from anyone else's story so what was I so nervous about!

So I did it.  I mean, I had to, right?  But I enjoyed it.

Had I choked and not had the guts to share my passions, I would miss out on the chance to collaborate with like-minded people or learn from some more knowledgeable students.

Public speaking has made me nervous in the past, but I can usually get past it if I'm talking about something that I am passionate about and today that's what happened.  I wasn't nervous to share my dreams and my goals for my future and in return I made some friends with related interests who might be able to help me along the way.  From now on I won't hesitate to take a chance and share my thoughts or ask questions...or at least I'll try to!
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