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Monday, January 14, 2013
Over Christmas break, tucked away in a cabin in Traverse City, I hung out with my family for nearly a week.  During that time I had the opportunity to share one of my favorite websites with some of my aunts - Goodreads.

Goodreads is a social media community that allows individuals to track their reading, create wishlists, rate and post reviews of books.  For an avid reader like me, this site is a godsend.  I love poking through some of the forums and lists, looking for new suggestions, or tracking my progress through a book right from my Nook.  There is a web version as well as apps for Nook, iPhone, Android, etc.

One of my favorite details about Goodreads is the recommendations that are generated for you after you rate so many books.  It can tell which genres you enjoy, which authors you like, and what related books might be good for you.  Instead of relying on suggestions from friends on what to read (though I do enjoy the occasional book swap!), I'll go to Goodreads and check out what new historical fiction people are raving about.

So, family....if you ever need a gift idea for me, just check out my to-read shelf on my profile!

How do you keep track of what you've read?  Any good book suggestions?
3 comments on "Goodreads"
  1. Many of my to-read books are sitting on my bookshelf. I keep a wishlist shelf for books I still need to acquire.


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