Fritalian? Or Italench?

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Wednesday, January 30, 2013
Friends, I have been a shut-in.

Yes, I'm embarrassed to say it but today was the first time I had left the apartment since last Friday.  Part of this was because of a wicked round of nosebleeds that hit me on Monday.  I've recovered now, but man, it was crazy!  I got one while I was out for a run and had to finish my three mile loop with a bloody sleeve and lots of weird looks from passersby.  Part of this new-found hermit-hood was because of a pretty frustrating and disturbing experience I had on my way to class last week.

First of all...Mom - don't freak out.

On Fridays I just have one class in the afternoon so I head out for the bus stop after I grab a quick lunch.  The bus ride is usually pretty uneventful and quiet so I can get some reading done or just relax before class.  It just so happens that my Friday class is probably my most difficult class this semester and comes along with 200+ pages of reading each week.  So I got on the bus expecting to cram in my last few pages of reading and I almost did, except for these two gentlemen who started causing problems.  Well, to be honest, they weren't acting very much like gentlemen.  They were being loud, cursing, and drinking some unidentified drink from soda bottles.  Soon after they got on the bus and after they had chatted (or yelled) between themselves, their attention turned to the elderly gentleman who sat beside me.  Unfortunately, this man did not speak English so they started pestering me to talk to him.  Luckily, the elderly gentleman was French Canadian and I could understand what he was saying and tried to communicate back with him.  But the men weren't satisfied and kept badgering me despite the fact that I told them that I had no interest in talking with them and that I had some reading that I needed to get done.  They tried to snatch my hat off of my head but I swatted their hands away.  Finally, after one of the men had sufficiently yelled at me for not being helpful (even though I was perfectly polite) their attention turned to someone else and they were eventually kicked off the bus by the driver.

Though this experience truly shook me to my core and I was actually frightened for my safety (and desperately wished that C was with me), I learned some valuable lessons about myself.

  1. I can take care of myself when I need to.  Yes, sometimes I'm strangely afraid of people but I know that it's for good reason.  If I hadn't been cautious and skeptical of these dudes on the bus, I might have ended up in a bad situation.

  2. Some people are incredibly wonderful.  Thinking about it now, maybe that elderly gentleman saw that these guys were clearly intoxicated, saw that I was sitting alone near them, and decided to pseudo protect me from them by placing himself between me and them.  He was a perfectly nice man who just wanted to be left alone because he was visiting his son in town.

  3. Despite all this time, I can still remember French.  And Italian.  And Latin.  And the tiny bit of Spanish that I learned in elementary school.  Sure, I could just barely put together a sentence for this man, and even then it was incredibly simple and might have been a mixture of Italian and French (Fritalian, if you will.  Or Italench) but I could understand him perfectly!  It was incredible!

So, even though I had this awful experience, I'm so glad that I was able to gain some insight from it and learn some things about myself and the world that I live in.

Have you ever had any uncomfortable situations that led to some sort of personal enlightenment?
1 comment on "Fritalian? Or Italench?"
  1. Just a little freaked out baby, but I think you're very brave, and you can take care of yourself. And ... you remembered your french. Good job!


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