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Friday, January 18, 2013
C and I are pretty awful about tv shows.  We get obsessed and invested in so many different plot lines and characters that sometimes it's hard to keep track of when what show airs and where we are in the story-line.  This spring isn't going to be any easier because there are so many new shows that look incredibly interesting as well as some old favorites back from the winter break.

The Walking Dead on AMC is a show that I have had a difficult history with.  My older brother was so interested in zombies and the zombie apocalypse that he could talk for hours about his "zombie plan."  Anyone who knows me knows that I am quite possibly the biggest scaredy-cat ever.  I still have nightmares from a movie that C and I watched over 18 months ago.  The issue is that my imagination is a terrifying place and I can (apparently) fabricate horrifying situations using details from scary movies.  Anyway - Walking Dead is back from the winter break in February and I'm pretty excited to see what happens.  Though the zombie parts still scare me, I think the plot and characters are so compelling that there's no way I could stay away from this show forever.

The Americans on FX has me all kinds of curious.  For the longest time the only promos I saw were quick clips of action fights or a creepy computer typing 'God Bless America' and revealing 'Rise Comrades.'  I know very little about the plot except that there's something to do with Communists in America....possibly during the Cold War?  Either way, I love Keri Russell and I think this will be a really interesting show to try out.

Old favorites like New Girl, How I Met Your Mother, The Mindy Project, and Modern Family are back.  Sometimes I don't know what I would do without the Dunfees to cheer me up, or watching Jess be completely awkward in a normal situation, or hoping that Ted can finally find his lady.  Maybe I have too many shows...

The Following on Fox is a show that C is really excited for.  As I stated above, I am the world's biggest chicken about scary stuff (Example - I got scared watching Scary Movie.)  This show is all about a serial killer?  And supernatural stuff?  Oh yeah, and Kevin Bacon is in it.  We'll have to see how it goes.

Game of Thrones on HBO. I hate that I have to wait until the end of March to watch it, but I seriously cannot contain my excitement for the new season.  This show is simply incredible.  The efforts they've made to create such a rich world from the pages of a book makes me almost wish that Harry Potter would've been made into an HBO series and not a series of movies.

And this is only the beginning!  I'm also slowly testing the waters of Downton Abbey, though my Pledge says that I should just wait until classes are done to fully immerse myself.  We'll just have to see.
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