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Friday, January 11, 2013
I've got to take a break from watching Downton Abbey. I've been cruising through the episodes pretty much non-stop and now it's just a race to finish them all before homework starts piling up.

The first week of classes is always an exciting time. Much like the new year, it's a clean slate...a fresh start...a chance to do better on homework and procrastinate less. Yup, I've got some lofty goals this semester (ahem, 4.0) and I've got my work cut out for me since I'm taking a pretty packed course load this semester. But I thought I'd share my five favorite things about the start of a new semester to remind myself of why I love starting over.

I am a huge fan of making plans. A new semester means that I get to organize a ton, plan assignment and study schedules, totally revamp my Google calendar, and continue perfecting my own personal system. I can get a little carried away with planning and that's definitely something I'm going to work on this semester.


New school supplies are awesome. Yes, I was one of those weirdo kids who loved back-to-school shopping. I love looking for cute notebooks and folders, pens and pencils, but my real bread and butter right now are planners. I spent for-ev-er looking for the perfect planner system for me. I'm kind of picky because I need both weekly and monthly views with enough room for me to write everything down. Inevitably I make my own daily checklist that gets stuck inside the pages, but hey - it works for me. Thank goodness my friend AK pointed me to momagenda and convinced me to get the myAgenda. It's so cute and working great so far! And I even got it monogrammed!

New classes are always exciting. I'm always thrilled to find out about what I'm going to be studying for the next four months. Hopefully I'll find digital libraries, web design, and data analysis incredibly thrilling this semester!

This semester I'm taking advantage of lots of new opportunities through my program. I'm interning for a great organization in a nearby suburb of Detroit which is proving to be a challenging and rewarding experience. I'm learning a lot about archival processing that I couldn't really get out of my classes. My internship is really serving as a great supplement to my coursework from last semester. And - I know I've been tweeting about this a few times and I've mentioned it before, but - I will be going to New York City to volunteer for an organization for a week! I'm so so excited to test out the city and to get to rub elbows with some pretty incredible people.

Finally, I'm most excited to start fresh. I mentioned a few lessons that I had learned during last semester. I'm looking forward to putting my own advice to good use. I'm going to attend office hours, make an extra effort in classes, attempt to get to know at least one professor, and keep up with readings. Graduate school is hard, kids, but it's hard for a reason.
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