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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Currently I'm knee deep in readings, battling my Python interpreter, and fighting off what seems to be the beginning stages of the flu.  I haven't felt exactly 100% this week, but I'm trying to push through to the weekend so that I can get some rest and catch up on some work.
  • Drinking Marshmallow Lover's Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate.  Who knew that they make an extra packet full of just marshmallows?!  Where was this when I was a kid?  I would've been the happiest kid on snow days with my cup half full of marshmallows and no school.

  • Listening to podcast after podcast of Stuff You Missed in History Class.  I've been going steady with this podcast for about three years now and I can't get enough.  It's put on by and covers a wide range of history topics in small 30 minute segments.  Today I listened to some covering things from a cross-dressing Frenchman to a haunted painting.  Each podcast is funny, informative, and totally addictive.  If you love history and knowing quirky facts, I would definitely suggest listening to this on your next commute.

  • Wearing:  I know I'm supporting some conflicting ideals, but I'm valuing comfort over loyalty right now.  Plus I have ties to both schools, so really I'm just being neutral.  My dad picked out this super comfortable UMich hoodie for me for Christmas and I literally cannot stop wearing it.  Every day when I get home from class I put it on and am instantly comforted and less stressed.

Currently - 1.23.13

  • Thinking that C and I really need to go grocery shopping, but we both kind of hate it.  Anyone have any suggestions on how to make grocery shopping fun?

  • Craving a run outside.  It's been too cold up here and literally unsafe for me to run outside lately, so I've been resorting to some workout videos, yoga, or hitting the gym.  But right now I would love nothing more than to run outside, even if it's a little chilly.  Runs are always easier outside.

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