This is my winter song to you...

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Monday, December 03, 2012
December is upon us, and though the weather isn't exactly following suit, it is winter.  I'm ready for snow, hot chocolate, countless evenings of holiday movies, and thick chunky socks.

Another one of my favorite parts about winter finally rolling around is the chance to listen to those soothing wintry tunes.  And one of my absolute favorite winter songs is this - Winter Song from Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson.

Since the first moment I heard this song with one of my dearest friends at DePauw, I've been absolutely haunted.  I think it is quite possibly the most endearing story of friendship and the strength of that love.  The melody is powerful, the harmonies delicate.  Each time I hear it, I hear something different.  Each time, a different line tugs at my heart a little stronger than the time before.  While it isn't a traditional winter song dealing with the holiday season, I think it is an incredible song to remind us that spring is soon to come and not to give up hope in the winter of our lives.

So cheers to the holiday season and the promise of spring!  That is, unless the world ends...
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