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Friday, November 23, 2012
I'm running a bit behind on posts due to the holiday traveling, but I had to get these Five Friday Favorites posted.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love the holidays.  I love the cold weather, the snow, the celebrations, the movies, the general atmosphere - everything.  Thanksgiving is the gateway to the holiday season and today I wanted to quickly share my five favorite Thanksgiving traditions.

Black Friday Shopping - Ever since I can remember my mom and I have always elbowed our way through stores and hunted for deals every Black Friday.  Sure, we don't always go for the crazy 4AM doorbusters, but right around 9 or 10, after we've had our coffee, we'll venture out into the cold to battle the crazies for this XBOX game or that sweater.  It's always fun and never fails to be a great time.

Cover of "Scrooged" 

Christmas Movies - Finally, after Thanksgiving, I'm allowed to drag out all of my favorite Christmas movies and wear the DVDs thin with repeated viewings.  As I write this, my mother and friends and I are watching the old, scary 1988 classic, Scrooged.  Some of my favorite movies are Muppet Christmas CarolA Christmas Story, and Christmas Vacation.

My favorite Thanksgiving dish, by far, is the cranberry salad.  My grandfather would always bring this jello, grape, and walnut concoction that is now a family staple.  Absolutely delicious.

Big, dirty, noisy family gatherings.  Some people hate it, some people love it, I embrace it.  It's awesome getting everyone together, fighting, laughing, and whatnot. It's always fun and guaranteed to happen again at Christmas.

By far, my favorite thing about Thanksgiving is the leftovers.  I can't always eat a bunch of food at the actual meal, but there is nobody better at fixing a cold turkey sandwich the day after.  Reheated mashed potatoes, leftover rolls, green bean casserole - I could go on for days about leftovers, but instead I'll run upstairs right now and get a big bowl of leftover sweet potatoes.

Enjoy the rest of the Thanksgiving weekend!
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  1. I don't think 1988 can be classified as "old". Can it?


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