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Tuesday, November 06, 2012
Hi, my name is Alana and I'm obsessed with macaroni and cheese.

Ever since I can remember I've loved the gooey, cheesy, down-home goodness that is a nice bowl of heaven.  Sure, I can sometimes rock the blue box flavor, but nothing beats a little homemade macaroni and cheese.

My mom is pretty great at whipping up a pot on the spot for her hungry kids, and I learned from her.  But lately, my ratios have been off.  Every time I've tried to mix up something quick for C and I it's ended up soupy and gross.  Sure, C will suffer through it and pretend it's the best mac and cheese I've ever made, but we both knew something was off.

So last week, C and I were wandering around the house, snacking on random cereals or sweet pickles, when we decided it was definitely time for dinner.  Scanning through our supplies, we didn't see much.  Rather than resorting to a walk down to Jimmy John's or a mid-week date at the Tap Room, we decided that macaroni and cheese sounded like the perfect meal.

Not wanting to end up disappointed with macaroni and cheese soup, I went to the Internet in search of a good recipe.  And boy, did I find one!

The recipe can be found here, on The Kichtn.

While my family tradition taught me to mix the cheese, milk, and butter right in the pan with the noodles, this recipe calls for a saucepan all for the cheese.  I don't know why it had never occurred to me to just make a cheesy sauce to drench the noodles in before.

It was delicious.  And easy to make.  The only frustrating part was waiting for the milk to thicken so I could start the cheese sauce.  The recipe even suggests mixing in extras, like peas, ham, or bacon.  I think mixing it up with a few add-ins might be a fun thing to try.  Or different cheeses?  Or seasonings?

I'm a changed woman.  I will never make macaroni and cheese the same way again.

Bon app├ętit!
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